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Service Day

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Another great picture from the 2005 Service Day!

Another great picture from the 2005 Service Day!

Another great picture from the 2005 Service Day!


What is it for?

The service days were created by the Service Committee in 2001 with the intent of organizing arrowmen to perform service to our camps on days throughout the year. This allows our lodge to have an even greater impact on helping to make our camps the best around, while at the same time providing an opportunity for our arrowmen to show the camp and organization just how much of a positive impact they can make.

What do we do?

These days are intended to promote the improvement of the facilities at D-A Scout Ranch. Arrowman are given a project and the necessary tools and then allowed to incorporate their own thoughts and ideas into its completion. We use this camp with our own units, so who would care more about the changes being made to camp!?! The best jobs are done by the very people who will ultimately benefit the most by these projects. These projects have ranged from the planning and installation of four new miles to the Pedro Trail, to the construction of two new foot bridges(one being 80+ feet long), to even installing new insulation in cabins.

When are they?

These service days take place on the first Saturday of each month from October until April every year. We meet in front of the mew museum at 9:00a.m. and conclude between 4p.m. and 5p.m.

Who can come?

All arrowman are invited to come out and give a little back to the camp that has given all of us so much over the years. Also arrangments can be made to bring along other scouts or family members to help out! So bring along a friend and help make a difference.

What should I bring?

Wear a pair clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty and thats about all you really need! Food is provided for everyone who lends a hand. So dress for the weather and see you all there!!


Not only is everyone who comes out going to have a good time meeting new people and doing some service in D-A's pristine natural environment, but they will also truly experience a day away from all the toils of their everyday life. Come along and leave your cares at home for a day!! Enjoy all the beauty and history that our D-bar-A Scout Ranch has to offer. PLUS EARN THE COVETED SERVICE LODGE FLAP FOR THIS YEAR!!!

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