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Another memorable Migisi Moment

Another memorable Migisi Moment

Another memorable Migisi Moment

Beyond Our Lodge

Over the years, many Arrowmen from our Lodge have gone on to provide distinguished service to our Section, Area, Region, and even the National organization.

Mike Bien Section Vice Chief, 1993-1994
Dan Ling Service Award, 1994
Jay Bottorff Dan Ling Service Award, 1992
Section Dan Ling Adviser, 1996-97
Section Public Relations Adviser, 1998
Section Idea Arcade Adviser, 1999-2000
Section Indian Events Adviser, 2001-2003
J. H. Brinton National Chief, 1935
Distinguished Service Award, 1942
Paul Cambridge Section Secretary, 1999-2000
Joel Clement Dan Ling Service Award, 1996
Al Cristoph Dan Ling Service Award, 1986
Distinguished Service Award, 1990
Gordon W. Draper Dan Ling Service Award, 1989
Associate Section Adviser, 1998-2001
Dr. Bob Finehout Distinguished Service Award, 1961
Rodger Lee Gardy Section Secretary, 1989-1990
Section Chief, 1990-1991
Dan Ling Service Award, 1991
Dave Greenspan Dan Ling Service Award, 1997
Amos Grissett Section Staff Adviser, 2001-Present
Harold Hanna Dan Ling Service Award, 1994
Matthew Hanna Section Secretary, 1980-1982
"Uncle" Otto C. Hornung Distinguished Service Award, 1961
John Kornives Area Chief, 1953
Joe Kulwicki Section Secretary, 2006-2007
Mike Mallon Section Chief. 1975-1976
Chris Marston Section Secretary, 1991
Section Chief, 1992
Richard Marshall National Committee, 1952-1957
Distinguished Service Award, 1952
Dave Morosky Dan Ling Service Award, 2007
George Mozealous National Committee, 1946-1952
Distinguished Service Award, 1948
National Resolutions Committee Chairman, 1948
David Offerman Section Dan Ling Adviser, 1995-96
Section Associate Adviser, 1996-97
Section Plan Book Advisor, 1997-Present
Section Advisor to Secretary, 1999-Present
Dan Ling Service Award 2001
Harold Oatley Dan Ling Service Award, 1982
Steven Pejuan Section Vice Chief, 1983-1984
Nathan Petrusak Section Secretary 2000-2001
Jeff Rand Section Secretary, 1976-1977
Dan Ling Service Award, 1979
Ethan Rein Section Secretary, 2004-2005
Dan Ling Service Award, 2004
Tom Roach National Resolutions Committee Jr. Chair, 1948
Mark Rosiek Jr Section Secretary, 2005-2006
Dennis Schlemmer Section Secretary, 1996-1997
Dan Ling Service Award, 2006
Robert Shoemaker Area Staff Adviser, 1974-81
Distinguished Service Award, 1982
Sam Stocker Section Vice-Chief 2000-2001
Section Chief 2002-2003
Dan Ling Service Award 2002
Program Vice Chief for Philbreak, 2003
Distinguished Service Award, 2004
James Stone Section Staff Adviser, 1978-1984
Dan Ling Service Award, 1984
Chris Szybisty Dan Ling Service Award, 2007
Ted Tavernier Section Secretary, 1979-1981
Tom Trainor Section Staff Adviser, 1996-2001
Dan Ling Service Award 2001
Henry Vassel Area Chief, 1949
Distinguished Service Award, 1956
Daniel Witt Section Secretary, 1978-1979
Section Vice Chief, 1979-1981
Dan Ling Service Award, 1980
Kurt Wurm Dan Ling Service Award, 1981