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Another memorable Migisi Moment

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History 1969 - 1978

With the building of the new Scout Office on 1776 W Warren, our Lodge Executive committee meetings were moved from the downtown YWCA into the new Scout Office.

It was during the 1970's that we again became active in section activities. Until then we were felt to be the bear that would swallow the other Lodges due to our size. By being heavily involved and supportive we took on new roles and set new standards for excellence in carrying out our part of the Section Conclaves. We wrote the book on how to train with of sessions on the "Skill of Leadership". Shows went from excellent camp programs to full fledged productions. Special events became something people wanted to attend rather than skip. Indian affairs took on new life with better understanding of Indian customs and concerns.

The Lincoln Pilgrimage, which up to the early 1970's was little more that a gathering of the Lodge at Charles Howell on the evening of February 12th for a brief memorial followed by hot chocolate and donuts, developed into a major event. Emphasis was placed on Troop, Pack, and Arrowmen attendance. The event was expanded to include a history of the life and times of Lincoln. Included several demonstrations, including candle making, skits, games from the 1860's, and participation of various militia groups.

With the large youth membership we had in 1974 we created a more structured lodge to accommodate these large numbers. Lodge youth membership was high. Communications between members was weak. We implemented a "Clan" structure that fit in between the Lodge level and the Chapter level. This was a structure not used elsewhere in the country. Each chapter was a part of a Clan -Eastern, Northern, or Western. Ordeals were now to be run by Clans that would rotate between our three main camps: Charles Howell Scout Reservation, D-Bar-A Scout Ranch, and Cole Canoe Base. We were big and did a lot.

Summer 1976, Trout Lake Flag Pole was dedicated in the memory of Robert H. Wesolowski, 8 year Camp Ranger at CHR, Vigil Member, long time Scouter. Died at age of 45 in 1975.

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