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Another memorable Migisi Moment

Another memorable Migisi Moment

Another memorable Migisi Moment


General Milestone Instructions

The purpose for this part of the page is to allow individual Lodge Members to add to our history. Like many other sections of the page, the content won't be available immediately, but it should show up within a few days.

When adding a personal award or milestone things will be pretty automatic. If you can think of an award we don't list, but should, drop the webmaster a note.

If you're adding a story and it's potentially embarassing, you should probably be the one who is embarassed (so, for example, only Steve Donohue can post about the time he managed to flip a full trailer over while driving on the fire road at CHR).

Privacy Notice: Information entered on this page may become part of our published site. We will not reveal your email but wil retain in it for our records.


This lets you tell us about awards you've received that we might have missed. If you can, please type your name exactly as it appears on the Lodge Roster (or enter your member number if you know it).

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Memories and Milestones

THis section lets you personalize the history of our Lodge with your observations. Please try to be as factual as possible.

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The story: