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Troop Representative Orientation

Let it be remembered that the Order of the Arrow was created to help the unit - to help it present its membership a better ideal of the inner qualities of the good scout camper. Qualities of character, cheerfulness and service are hard for a boy or a man to understand in the abstract. They come easier when seen in human life.

Let us realize the significance of the Order in the unit - for the unit is our best hope in scouting.

Dr. E. Urner Goodman

Those words, spoken by one of the founders of our Order, make it clear that service to the unit is an important part of any successful Order of the Arrow Lodge. This orientation is designed to explain what an OA Troop Representative does, how he does it, and why it's good for Scouting, units, lodges, chapters, and arrowmen.

When the orientation is over, you can take a quiz on what you've learned and, if you pass it, you'll be certified to serve as a Troop Reprsentative in Migisi Opawgan Lodge.


The objectives of the orientation are to help you understand the following:

Everyone ready?

On we go!

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